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December 2017

The Norwood Suite has the advantage of being recently released and fresh in my mind, but I’ve been in love with this universe since Off-Peak so it felt like coming home. Well okay, not my home. More like visiting the home of a musical, wordplay-loving friend who is much cooler than I am. They are saddled with labels like ‘weird’ or ‘surreal’, but to me these games seem heartfelt, and never weird for weird’s sake.

Games about exploring physical space, like Gone Home, have helped inspire a focus on objects and possessions. There’s something compelling about simply being able to open cupboards and see what’s inside. In The Norwood Suite, every object practically hums with potential meaning. A thousand questions just about why someone has a grappling hook and a cheese wheel in their car boot, or why there are so many skulls all over the place.