July 2011


What Do You Play?

Posted by Cha

It probably shouldn't surprise me when someone asks about the sorts of games I like to play, but the question stalls me. Not because I'm the least bit uncomfortable about my game-habits, but because it's a surprisingly complicated question.

I can talk about genre labels, but they tend to be both broad and fuzzy. And honestly, I do play a lot of different games. I'm tempted to use the word eclectic, but I'm pretty sure there's only one hentai game in my back catalogue so surely I can't be all that eclectic. Something to work on, maybe.

If you've asked me about the games I play you probably would have been happy with a simple answer. "Mainly wRPG and action-adventure", perhaps. Maybe I could list some favourites. Accurate, as far as it goes, but I often prefer to discuss the genre overlaps and difficult-to-classify oddities.